Root Canal Treatment

root canal treatment canberra

When the nerve inside your tooth gets infected, you need root canal treatment done to save your tooth. Contrary to popular belief, root canal treatments are not “scary” or “painful”, but instead are a deep filling that are done all the way to the tip of the tooth roots.

Our skilled dentists here at Weston Dentistry perform root canal therapy daily with the overall aim of preserving your natural teeth functioning for the future!

What does a root canal involve?

Usually a root canal takes 3 appointments. At the first visit the the infected nerve or “pulp” is removed from the tooth and the root canals are cleaned out and shaped. The second visit involves more cleaning of the canals and antibiotics are placed to ensure all of the bacteria is eradicated. The final visit of the root canal involves filling the now clean canals with a rubber like material (gutta percha) and a semi-permanent restoration will be placed on the tooth. However after root canal therapy has been completed, a crown should be placed in the near future as the tooth becomes extremely fragile and has a tendency to split.

Great skill is required to undertake such a procedure and to ensure that the tooth is properly treated to prevent future infection.

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