Dental Health Tips During COVID-19

The coronavirus outbreak is affecting communities and countries all over the world. During these times of uncertainty, Weston Dentistry would like to assure our clients that we are committed to providing our community with quality dental care. While we would like to provide everyone with a dental checkup and cleaning session, the chances of infection rise when you go outside, it’s best to follow a good dental hygiene routine so you can avoid going to the dentist for toothaches and other teeth problems.


Follow a Proper Brushing Routine


Make sure to brush twice a day for at least two minutes at a time. Avoid aggressive brushing, however, as this can wear down the protective enamel of the teeth. If possible use a soft toothbrush to thoroughly clean your back molars. Fluoride toothpastes are best, and make sure you avoid charcoal-based or whitening varieties if you have sensitive teeth.


Floss every night before brushing your teeth. This will help clean the gaps between the teeth and ensure a cleaner mouth. While mouth rinses are not necessary, if you must use one, remember to choose an alcohol-free variety.


Watch Your Diet and Lifestyle

General practice dentists would advise you to also watch what you eat to avoid developing teeth problems. While food can be scarce, avoid eating excessive amounts of sugary or acidic foods as these can damage your teeth. Soft drinks, energy drinks and fruit juices are delicious, but should be taken in moderation.


Drinking vitamins are great for boosting your immune system, but when chewed, Vitamin C can be destructive to your tooth’s enamel so we recommend purchasing these in capsule or tablet form to help protect teeth. If you have a sore throat, opt for sugar-free cough drops and avoid letting them sit in your mouth for long periods of time.


Stay Hydrated


Some medication like decongestants and antihistamines can lead to dry mouth, which can increase risk of tooth decay. Saliva helps remove acid and other food particles in the mouth, helping keep your oral bacteria under control. If you notice a reduction in your mouth’s saliva, be sure to keep hydrated.

Prevention is always better than cure, but if you’re suffering from tooth problems, be sure to schedule an emergency dentist appointment at Weston Dentistry. Contact us today.

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